Who do you call to remove a wild animal?

who do you call

Who do you call to remove a wild animal?

You need a Wildlife removal specialist to help you! When you want an animal removed from your property or inside your house, the right people to call are really professionals.

Many people wonder which wildlife professional exactly they should call. This blog post will let you know who is the right choice for you, depending on the situation and animal involved.

Wildlife removal companies

Like us, these businesses offer you the professional help you need to deal with any problem related to wildlife removal and pests.

It makes a difference if you are dealing with wild animals or domestic animals. Wildlife removal specialists only deal with wild animals.

Animal control services

If your problem is cat or dog related, you should report it to your local animal control services.

These agencies are run by the government in your county or city. They will determine if the animal has a rightful owner or is a stray and take it with them.

Domestic animals whose owners cannot be found will, in most cases, be brought into the custody of an animal shelter.

Local Police or Fire departments

Sometimes the local authorities may also be able to help you with wildlife if you are in danger or distress and may be at risk of injury dealing with animals. Call your local station and ask politely if they will send an officer to help you.

If there is a life-and-death emergency and you or another human is at serious risk, always call 911 for help.

The State Fish & Wildlife Agency

Run by your state to deal with wildlife issues is also the correct address for you if you are dealing with a big animal not typically addressed by a wildlife removal company.

For example, you might be dealing with an alligator or bear entering your backyard at night.

We have included a list here to help you find the correct local agency address in your state.

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New Jersey

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North Dakota





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Further wildlife removal questions FAQ

Removal of roadkill and dead wildlife

If you need help with roadkill removal or dead animal removal, you can take various steps. The first thing to do is report it to your local county.

In most areas, roadkill or dead animals are collected free of charge from public roads by the local publication services of your county or city.

Any dead animal poses a possible health risk for humans and pets alike! This is true for many critters, and not only limited to rodents, snakes, or bats. That is why it is best to let a professional help with animal removal.

What to know before any wildlife removal process

Removing wildlife can be challenging, so we hope this article helps you decide how to deal with your wildlife situation or critter problem.

Any legitimate wildlife removal professional who offers wildlife removal services and humane animal trapping in your area can answer any of your questions or refer you to the correct address to help you further.

Just make sure that, whatever you decide, to properly inform yourself of any laws and legal requirements when handling and removing animals.

Wildlife removal laws

Whenever you remove a wild animal, be sure to know the laws concerning wildlife removal and said animals in your state.

It is important to note that certain animals, such as skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and even snakes, are considered to be protected wildlife. Even nuisance wild animals may require paperwork.

In many states, if you want to remove or dispatch these animals from your property, you will need to have a permit or license before you can do so. This is also true for bird nests.

And keeping animals in cages is also strictly regulated by laws and best left in the care of animal control and wildlife removal specialists.

Prevention of a wildlife problem

Both domestic animals and wild animals should be treated humanely, and even removing them from somewhere inside your home should be dealt with in a particular approach to avoid any future problems.

Another advantage of letting a professional company deal with your nuisance animal problem is that you can also be sure that future issues are prevented.

Any wildlife removal specialist will educate you on preventing any possible re entering of the same or other animals in your home and other areas and thus avoiding any damage caused by critters from being repeated.

Regular maintenance and pest control help you in making your property wildlife-proof and ensures that you can remove wildlife right away before it becomes a real problem.

Sealing of any possible entry points, making your cats and dogs food unavailable to wildlife and regularly inspect your own crawl space and attic for signs of birds, snakes and other creatures also goes a long way.

For even more information on prevention techniques, nuisance animals, and wildlife control, also check out our recent articles on wildlife proofing your home, signs your home might be invaded by critters and the best snake repellants.

We hope that you find your questions about wildlife removal, wildlife control, and animal removal answered and that when it comes to remove a wild animal you know who to contact now!