Rescued Bear: The cruel life of Fifi the Bear

Rescued bear

Fifi the bear was in captivity for 30 years. It was in a cage with a concrete slab for 20 years and finally was transferred by The Wild Animal Sanctuary to a facility in Colorado. In just Five months the poor bear is now in much better shape. Too bad nobody did it 20 years ago. In this video […]

image: Funny raccoon watching a baseball game

Best Wildlife Halloween Costumes

Do you have your Halloween costume yet? If not, it is really time for you to choose one. We collected a variety of great wildlife and animal inspired Halloween costumes for both children and adults that will make you stand out. The costumes featured here are creative and we think they would make great choices […]

video: Whack-A-Mole or Whack-A-Raccoon


video: Raccoon eating on a bowl

raccoon eating on a bowl

Squirrel proof your bird feeder

As cute as squirrels can be – they sure can be a handful to handle when it comes to keeping them out of places where they do not belong! We want to share some tips and tricks with you today on how to squirrel proof your bird feeder once and for all. First of all we […]

How to keep your pets safe

There is no question about it – we all want our pets to be taken care of and as happy as possible. And for that reason you need to learn how to keep your pets safe. Especially in the warmer months, the wild animals around you can be a source of accidents for your pets. Due […]

video: Baby raccoon learns how to climb a tree