How long do skunks live?

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how long do skunks live

Do you ever wonder how long skunks live? This article will answer your questions on skunks’ life expectancy. It will also cover which factors contribute to their survival.

How long do skunks live in the wild?

Their average life span is about two to three years in the wild. It really depends on where they live and how many predators roam the area. They are also prone to injuries from having poor eyesight, like raccoons. So traffic accidents pose a high risk to them.

Skunk life span in the wild

Skunks in the wild have many predators and may not have access to food as much as needed. Skunks typically do not live much longer than a couple of years in the wild. However, their life expectancy can be much shorter if they suffer from diseases or food scarcity. In rare cases, skunks may reach an age of up to 3 years or more in the wild. It comes down to their chosen habitat and how smart and fit for survival they are.

Skunk life span in captivity

In captivity, pet skunks live anything from 10 years to 15 years, depending on the quality of care they receive. Most skunks that are cared for and not free-roaming average a life span of 10 years or longer.

Skunk health

You need to understand that health is crucial in determining how long skunks can live. Skunks are susceptible to many diseases, such as distemper, roundworm, leptospirosis, hepatitis, tularemia, or rabies. If a skunk contracts one of these diseases, it will significantly lower its life expectancy. However, even if a skunk living in captivity becomes sick when receiving proper medical care and treatment on time, it can often recover and live an average life span.

How long can pet skunks live?

So, while skunks have a relatively short life span compared to other animals, they can still enjoy a long and healthy life if given the proper care and conditions. Pet skunks also tend to be less active than their wild counterparts and experience less stress and struggles, contributing to a longer life expectancy.


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