How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers

how to get rid of woodpeckers

Save Your Property from Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers are fascinating creatures with their unique pecking behavior and distinct sounds. However, they can also cause significant damage to homes and other wooden structures, making them unwelcome guests for many property owners. As wildlife enthusiasts and responsible citizens, we must understand how to get rid of woodpeckers humanely and without causing harm to these beautiful birds.

In this article, we will cover the kind of damage woodpeckers can cause, how to recognize the signs of their presence, and ways to mitigate and prevent further damage. We’ll also explore some animal-friendly products that can be used to deter these creatures before wrapping up with a comprehensive list of resources, tips, and strategies to help protect your property.

woodpecker on tree
Image by Siegfried Poepperl from Pixabay

Recognizing Woodpecker Damage

Woodpeckers can cause various types of damage to wooden structures, depending on the species and their intentions. Some common forms of damage include:

1. Holes: Woodpeckers create holes in wood to search for insects and create nesting sites or drumming sites (territorial or mating displays). These holes can range from tiny, shallow recesses to deep, large cavities that could weaken the structure.

2. Frayed Edges: These birds may also cause frayed edges on wooden surfaces as they strip the bark in search of insects.

3. Droppings and Debris: Accumulation of woodpecker droppings and wood shavings around the affected areas.

How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers
Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

Identifying the Presence of Woodpeckers

Here are some signs that could indicate the presence and activity of woodpeckers around your property:

1. Pecking Sounds: Woodpeckers have a distinct rhythmic pecking sound that you can listen for when they are active.

2. Visual Sighting: Spotting a woodpecker on your property is a surefire sign of their presence.

3. Wood Shavings and Droppings: Finding wood shavings and droppings around certain areas of your property could suggest the presence of these birds.

woodpecker on bird feeder
Image by G.C. from Pixabay

Methods to Deter Woodpeckers from Damaging Your Property

Keeping in mind the welfare of these birds, let’s explore some humane and effective ways to deter woodpeckers from damaging your property:

1. Visual Repellents: Hang shiny objects such as reflective tape, aluminum foil, or old CDs near the affected areas. The movement and reflection can intimidate and deter woodpeckers.

2. Netting: Install bird netting or hardware cloth around wooden structures to prevent woodpeckers from accessing the wood.

3. Perimeter Spray: Apply non-toxic, eco-friendly bird repellent spray to the affected areas.

4. Noise Deterrents: Use bird-specific recordings or ultrasonic devices designed to frighten away woodpeckers.

5. Removing Attractants: Eliminate insect infestations on or around your property and remove any potential nesting materials to make the area less attractive to woodpeckers.

woodpecker and other bird
Image by Susann Mielke from Pixabay
beautiful woodpecker
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Animal-Friendly Products to Get Rid of Woodpeckers

There are so many ways to deter any birds humanely that there is no need at all to harm woodpeckers or even kill woodpeckers just because they are a nuisance! You should respect all life forms, and woodpeckers are a beautiful sight in any garden. We will help you find strategies to discourage woodpeckers from making loud noises to drill holes in fruit trees or other wooden parts of your property without causing them any physical harm.

Contrary to some other advice you might get to get rid of woodpeckers, we do not believe in using sticky substances on woodpeckers or other birds. They might do them some damage, and you can get rid of woodpeckers without them!

deter woodpeckers
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Here are some widely available products that can help deter woodpeckers without harming them:

1. BirdScare Tape: This reflective tape both deters and confuses woodpeckers, reducing their pecking activity on your property.

EONBES Bird Scare Reflective Holographic Ribbon via Amazon

2. BirdGard Woodpecker Deterrent: This device uses a combination of sound, light, and vibrations to scare woodpeckers away from your property.

woodpecker in a tree
Image by Jack Bulmer from Pixabay

Resources and Tips for Protecting Your Property

The following resources may give you even more insight into how to protect your house or other wooden structures from woodpecker damage:

1. National Audubon Society: The National Audubon Society offers a helpful guide on deterring woodpeckers humanely.

2. Cornell Lab of Ornithology: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology offers an extensive guide to understanding woodpecker behavior and how to prevent woodpecker damage.

Image by George from Pixabay

3. Nuisance wildlife control operators: If you cannot resolve the problem yourself, you may want to consider enlisting the help of a professional nuisance wildlife control operator who can implement additional methods such as habitat modification or exclusion techniques (trapping and removal).

By following these strategies, you can take proactive steps toward protecting your property from woodpecker damage without harming birds in the process.

Good luck!

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