What do coyotes eat?

young coyote looking to eat

Coyotes are fascinating animals and highly versatile when it comes to their diet. Find out more about what coyotes eat in this blog post!

As one of the most adaptable animals in North America, these predators  can survive in a variety of habitats. Going along with that, they eat a wide range of prey.

Do coyotes eat more than just meat?

Even though coyotes prefer fresh meat, they will not shy away from eating insects, fish or plants when the opportunity arises. Surprising to many people, coyotes even eat fruit like blueberries or watermelon and grass. They are clever survivors and good hunters.

Their adaptability to their environment creates its own problems. At least from our human perspective, that is. It is now known that the diet of coyotes that live in close proximity to humans also include family pets.

This fact makes it even more important to protect your property from wildlife and most coyotes get attracted by the smell of your garbage or fruit in your garden.

We , your team at Wildlife Removal Plus, strongly believe that any animal, and this of course includes coyotes, deserve a life free from persecution. No animal should be hunted or harmed on purpose for the “fun” of it!

CONTENT TRIGGER WARNING : We would like to draw your attention to this post by the Humane Society on stopping the wildlife hunting on coyotes. BE AWARE OF GRAPHIC CONTENT AND DEAD ANIMAL PICTURES in that post.)

This means that it is up to us humans to protect ourselves and our pets from animals like coyotes. Instead of demonizing predators, we recommend wildlife education and keeping your distance.

If you create an environment on your property that makes it not interesting and not accessible to unwanted wildlife, we can co-exist with them. And most human-wildlife or pet-wildlife conflicts is preventable.