Wild baby rabbits

Sometimes when you spend time in your garden or go for a walk with your dog you stumble upon wildlife. And especially in the summer it is baby animal season for a lot of wild animals.

One of the cutest sights you will find at this time of year is probably a nest of wild baby rabbits.

Even though it might be tempting – do not touch them! Your smell will rub off on the rabbit babies and their mother might reject them as a result of that. The majority of animal babies in general only seems to be abandoned. Their mothers are probably still around and will get back to them shortly after you have left their offspring.

In the case of wild baby rabbits it is also good to know that they are usually only fed by their rabbit mother at dusk and dawn. So it is normal for them to be left to themselves for longer periods of time during the course of a day.





On another note:

Please make sure to check for wildlife before mowing your lawn or doing other yard work. It only takes you a minute and you can protect wild animals from danger!


If you are interested in even more information on this subject, we want to refer you to this article by the Humane Society that goes into detail about how you can determine if wild baby rabbits are really abandoned and what you can do to help them.


We hope you enjoy your summer and appreciate the wildlife all around you!