How To Get Rid Of Snakes

how to get rid of snakes

Did you know that you have a higher chance of being in a highway accident than being bitten by a venomous snake?

Snake death from bites in Florida average about one death every four to five years. That is less than deaths from lightning strikes and Florida is the lightning capital of the US as well as, a haven for venomous snakes.

Snakes will hide in shaded areas because they are hunting prey such as mice and toads. Snakes will not go after people. Their approach of the snake is to crawl away and hide from humans.

When threatened, that is when you startle the snake they’ll hiss, shake their tail, and even try to bite an intimidating creature including humans.

Remember snakes stick out their tongue to smell their surrounding so don’t be afraid if you see a snake doing this.

Prevention and Control

People would rather not have snakes, especially venomous snakes in their residents or even on their properties.

You can avoid having snakes within your residencies or yard by eliminating firewood stacks, debris, boards, or other objects close to the ground that create cool, dark shelters for the snake and prey such as mice, toads or other small prey that may inhabit these areas.

You can remove snakes from residents by with glue boards or funneled minnow traps where the snake travels, for example along walls. There are no snake repellents, toxicants, or fumigants registered to eliminate snakes.

The vast majority of snakes encountered by people in their homes and yards are nonvenomous. They rarely bite, and if they do, the bite won’t inject poison into your body. If you feel comfortable taking care of the snake on your own, try this common removal method as long as you have identified the snake as non- venomous. If the snake is identified as venomous don’t take any risks by removing it yourself call a professional wildlife removal company. If the snake is non-venomous and your not afraid of talking the job of this type of snake, try the following:

  • If a snake crawled into your garage use a broom to corral the snake onto a barrier like a piece of plywood or some other flat surface. Once you have corralled the snake place a trashcan or plastic bin over the snake. Flip the can so that the snake lands inside, and cover it with a lid. Take the snake to the woods or another area away from your house to release it.
  • If you find a snake in a room leading to the outside, shut the inside doors to contain the snake in that room and open the outside door in that room partially so the snake can escape out.
  • You can catch a snake with a glue trap,if yo see a snake in your attic, garage, basement or elsewhere in your residence. Lay out glue traps along the walls in these areas, they will usually crawl over the traps and get stuck. Check the traps daily to see if you’ve captured a snake. When you’ve caught the snake on a glue mat and take it outside or to an area where you’d like to release it, pour any cooking oil over the snake to loosen it from the glue trap and allow it to crawl away. Don’t leave the snake glued to the wood because it will die.
  • Removing a snake that’s already outside of your home it’s a lot easier. If you see a nonvenomous snake near your house and you’d like it to go somewhere else, sometimes all it needs is a little enticing to be on its way. Garter snakes, ratters, black snake, etc. and other snakes that you know are not dangerous are can be removed with this method. You can spray it with water using a garden hose to lightly spray the snake until it relocates from your house to the back of your yard for cover. You can use a pool skimmer if you have one. Small snakes can be plucked from the patio or grass with this pool skimmer. Try not to grip them too tightly, so you don’t damage their ribs. Take them to the back of your yard or to a nearby wooded area and set them free.

There are many methods to remove snakes from your yard but remember they are also good for the environment and also your vegetable and flower gardens. They’ll eradicate moles and voles from your gardens.

If your too squeamish to remove the snakes yourself and you don’t know how to get rid of snakes call a wildlife removal professional to do the job.