About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate our visitors about wildlife, wildlife removal and to help people find trusted wildlife removal companies that will help them with their wildlife problems. Our directory Wildlife Removal Plus emphasizes the ‘PLUS’ in our name. The plus is the unique group of our wildlife  companies that are our directory members. Our members stress humane capture and removal of animals that have invaded residential and commercial properties.

Humane wildlife removal companies will trap and relocate the creatures that have taken refuge or lodging on their customers property. This directory will only allow companies that perform their wildlife capture and removal using humane techniques to be listed.

Insurance of Our Mission

We will follow up with the customers using our members of the wildlife removal plus directory on a random basis to give us feedback of the wildlife removal companies signed up for this directory.

The follow up will provide us with an indication that our members are performing the removal and relocations according to our humane philosophy.

We will also encourage our directory members to make videos of their work for social medias we manage to perform Inbound Marketing for this directory. These videos, Facebook, twitter, newsletters and blogs will help our directory members and also provide entertainment in the social medias. In addition, we will consistently be searching the internet for wildlife stories of interest to aid our directory members.

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