Rescued Bear: The cruel life of Fifi the Bear

Rescued bear

Fifi the bear was in captivity for 30 years. It was in a cage with a concrete slab for 20 years and finally was transferred by The Wild Animal Sanctuary to a facility in Colorado. [ad size=”skyscraper” align=”right” ] In just Five months the poor bear is now in much better shape. Too bad nobody did it 20 years […]

Wild baby rabbits

Sometimes when you spend time in your garden or go for a walk with your dog you stumble upon wildlife. And especially in the summer it is baby animal season for a lot of wild animals. One of the cutest sights you will find at this time of year is probably a nest of wild baby […]

Kona the rescued fox

Somebody working for a wildlife sanctuary rescued a fox! I hope you like it. You can follow: @konathefox on Instagram for more pictures and updates. This photo was posted on Imgur by  

Baby fox gets rescued

Check out this video! A baby fox gets rescued after it got tangled in a football net:   This video was posted by the Wildlife Aid Foundation , a UK Wildlife rescue center. And it is just another reminder for us humans to be more careful with the impact we have on the wildlife around us. Everyday actions can have an […]