How to keep your pets safe

There is no question about it –¬†we all want our pets to be taken care of and as happy as possible. And for that reason you need to learn how to keep your pets safe. Especially in the warmer months, the wild animals around you can be a source of accidents for your pets. Due […]

Baby raccoon learns how to climb a tree

Raccoons spend about a year teaching their young how to survive and thrive in nature. A baby raccoon has a lot to learn and considering that a litter of raccoons normally consists of four to six young raccoons, a raccoon mother really has her work cut out for her!   Sometimes in life you need […]

Wild baby rabbits

Sometimes when you spend time in your garden or go for a walk with your dog you stumble upon wildlife. And especially in the summer it is baby animal season for a lot of wild animals. One of the cutest sights you will find at this time of year is probably a nest of wild baby […]

Squirrel Species

how to get rid of squirrels

Last Update April 6th, 2016 Squirrels are little rodents which natural habitats are forests, backyards and parks all over the world. There are approximately more than 200 different species of squirrels, but seven¬†common species can be found in your own backyard if you look close enough. Squirrels are fascinating creatures and the actual term “squirrels” […]