Whack-A-Mole or Whack-A-Raccoon


Have you play Whack-A-Mole? Well, in this video these raccoons look like the game.

Raccoon eating on a bowl

raccoon eating on a bowl

This raccoon will show who to properly find the best pieces of you lucky charms. Be aware that this technique can only be performed under adult supervision. It really looks it has no time to lose. View post on imgur.com

Baby raccoon learns how to climb a tree

Raccoons spend about a year teaching their young how to survive and thrive in nature. A baby raccoon has a lot to learn and considering that a litter of raccoons normally consists of four to six young raccoons, a raccoon mother really has her work cut out for her!   Sometimes in life you need […]

Baby fox gets rescued

Check out this video! A baby fox gets rescued after it got tangled in a football net:   This video was posted by the Wildlife Aid Foundation , a UK Wildlife rescue center. And it is just another reminder for us humans to be more careful with the impact we have on the wildlife around us. Everyday actions can have an […]

Brave Squirrel Chases a cat